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The 8 Most Common Custom T-Shirt Mistakes

The 8 Most Common Custom T-Shirt Mistakes

The 8 Most Common Custom T-Shirt Mistakes

The 8 Most Common Custom T-Shirt Mistakes

So, you’ve decided to try your hand at designing a custom t-shirt. Where do you even start? What makes a t-shirt that people will love to wear and show off to their friends?

We’ve seen hundred, if not thousands, of t-shirt designs and there are definitely some things that set an amazing t-shirt design apart from the others.

Read below to see the 8 most common custom t-shirt mistakes and how you can avoid them to make sure your t-shirt stands apart from the rest.

1. Choosing the Perfect Design Size

One of the most frequent t-shirt design mistakes we see is selecting the size of your logo, image or design.

Society has trained us to believe that size matters – the bigger, the better – right? Not in t-shirt design.

When selecting the size of your logo, remember that bigger isn’t always better. Logos that are too large can be overwhelming and too much ink can make wearing the shirt uncomfortable.

Another thing to consider is – will the size of my design look great on every size t-shirt? Your design is going to look much different on an X-Small versus an X-Large. Make sure to keep this in mind when you’re creating your design and consider placing more than one order to accommodate the design on smaller shirts versus larger shirts.

Consider printing out your design on a sheet of paper and holding it up to different size shirts so you have a better idea of what size it will be when it’s screen printed on your shirt.

When in doubt, ask the design experts at Pulling Ink – we’re happy to help you decide!

2. Picking the Right Placement

Now that you’ve picked your custom design, where should it go? The standard location for your screen print is across the chest and man does it make a difference. Placing your design too low on your shirts, say around the belly area, is not flattering at all!

If you decide to place your logo, image or design as a full front or full back, our design experts will help ensure it’s placed within the correct limits. Check out more information about the top 8 t-shirt screen printing options to give your custom shirt a unique look!

3. Typography Tips and Fabulous Fonts

When it comes to design the font, and even more importantly the placement of the text on your custom t-shirt design is extremely important.

This includes the font, font size, letter spacing, line spacing, letter capitalization, and how to text is broken up across your t-shirt design.

Some tips to consider when designing your custom shirt:

  • Think about what emotions are conveyed with your font
  • Never use more than 3 fonts in your design
  • Use Uppercase, Lowercase and All Caps strategically in your design
  • Break up long phrases into different lines, using font, capitalization and size strategically

4. Creating a Cool Composition

Composition in t-shirt design has to do with how each element of your design is arranged in relation to each other. A creative composition can take your shirt design to the next level.

The most common mistake we see with t-shirt composition is when the elements are too spaced out, too bunched up, or not balanced on the design. Another issue is when the text can be read in the wrong order.

To land a truly awesome design, makes sure to take time with each element to ensure the placement, spacing and organization is on point.

5. Ideal Image Quality

One of the most common problems we see with t-shirt orders is the quality of the images is poor or “low resolution.” Low resolution images result in blurry or fuzzy screen prints that never turn out how you imagined them.

How do you fix this?

First of all, our design team will let you know if they’re concerned with the quality of your images and fix them if possible before we start printing.

When sending your images we suggest you ensure that your image is the correct size. For example, if you want to print an image that is 8 inches by 10 inches, but you send an image that is 2 inches by 5 inches there will likely be an issue.

Also, images should be 200 dip or higher at full size to ensure a crisp, clean screen print.

7. Considering Contrast

Choosing the perfect contrast is one of the more challenging parts of t-shirt design. Contrast has to do with the difference between darker and lighter parts of an image.

If the color of your print is close to the color of the shirt, your logo will have a very subtle look, like gray ink on a gray shirt. For more of a pop, we may suggest you use black ink on a gray shirt.

Some common contrast issues we notice are navy blue printing on black shirts, light gray printing on white shirts, and light gray printing on sport gray shirts. We don’t recommend these color combinations if you’re looking for your screen print to pop.

8. How Complex is too Complex?

When designing your custom t-shirt, we recommend Keeping It Simple. Sometimes we get so excited about all the possibilities we add way too much text and images to the t-shirt design, making the design hard for people to read and understand.

We recommend selecting only a few elements and strategically placing them in your design to keep it visually appealing.

Now that you know the 8 Most Common Custom T-Shirt Mistakes you’re ready to get designing! Whether you’re creating a design for your business, club, charity, family vacation or special event, you’ve got all the tips to design an awesome custom t-shirt!

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